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​Rates and Dates

Here are our rates for our Black Bear Hunts and Hunting Dates available.

Our Hunting Dates run from the beginning of May to the middle of June.

Our fall hunts are the first week of September.  We have a gorgeous hunting Lodge, We know you won't be disappointed!

Day Package Hunts - Includes Fishing (when season opens)

Package Price - $3850.00 US

License Fee and Allocation Fee - $330.0​0 US

Goods and Service Tax - $192.50 US

Non- Hunter Fee - $1000.00 US

Deposit of $1000.00 US required to confirm reservation. Balance of payment due 80 days prior to hunt.

Prices are subjected to change.

Deposits are non-refundable.

 Gratuities are not included.

All Black Bear hunting and fishing licenses are at the Lodge.

Manitoba regulations state "One Bear Per Hunter".

Booking Dates:

SPRING Black Bear and Fishing

Dates 2019:

May 6-10

May 13-17

May 17-21


     Dates 2020:

May 4-8

FALL Black Bear, Wolf and Fishing - September 1st to September 30th

Manitoba Hunting Regulations

Sunday pick up -- Saturday depart

Hunt Monday- Friday

If you are staying overnight in Winnipeg , please book your hotel close to the Airport, if flying in on the Sunday make sure your flight arrives by noon.

Return flights should be booked  for  Saturday no earlier than noon.

Please let us know if you will be driving up to camp.

We are a family friendly hunting camp!